Franklin County Broadband Needs Assessment

Thank you for taking this survey. Your response will help the County better understand how, where, and why people use the Internet. This information will help us seek to improve internet access and reliability through effective broadband infrastructure placement. Completing this survey is well worth your time because it will enhance quality of life in numerous ways such as working, shopping, learning, and visiting your doctor from home.

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Survey Questions

Part One: Basic Service Description

This part of the survey is used to characterize your current Internet service. This information is only used to help the County anticipate future broadband infrastructure needs.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

The results will aid the County in better understanding broadband infrastructure needs in an effort to improve internet access and reliability.

The Center for Geospatial Information Technology at Virginia Tech is a multidisciplinary center that works with other research groups and agencies to develop advanced uses of geospatial technologies.

The Center for Innovative Technology is a non-profit corporation that uses technology-based economic development strategies to help entrepreneurs launch and grow technology companies. CIT Broadband works to accelerate the socio-economic growth of Virginia's rural and underserved areas.

Map of Franklin County Broadband Needs Assessment Respondents

Maroon map markers show the locations of responses.

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